Xana 4001U2 NA

Automated Strip Pouch Packaging
Custom unit and multi-dose packaged meds based on your criteria

Is your workflow as efficient as it could be?

Xana strip pouch packaging systems offer incredible efficiency and accuracy.

The Xana 4001U2 features a unique design, engineered around your workflow. Predictive software tells operators the most efficient time to add stock so your workflow remains continuous and highly efficient. The space saving vertical drawer design stores and secures up to 400 unique oral solid NDC cassettes, and allows for easy refilling and stock rotation, while the exclusive "Intelligent Feeder" system ensures accuracy.

Built to last and with unrivaled speed, quality, and safety, we offer you the XANA-4001U2-NA. Never sacrificing quality, the Xana can process, in real production, an incredible 50 multi-dose packages a minute, complete with custom printed patient information to keep up with the demands of facilities servicing hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Xana 4001U2 NA strip pouch packager


Xana - precise dispensing

Precise dispensing and Packaging with the exclusive "Intelligent Feeder" system

Xana - precise dispensing

Built to last - Best in class build quality, service and support

Xana - precise dispensing

In-Line printing - Include any patient data, even a photo ID, all clearly printed on the pouch

Xana - precise dispensing

Proprietary OAK Software with an easy to use, touch-screen management system

Xana - precise dispensing

LED guided pill conveyor allows you to add one-off meds without interrupting production

Xana - precise dispensing

Patented "Anti-Bounce" materials ensure proper pill delivery

For even more flexibility add a Benjamin Conveyor Unit to quickly and easily add non-standard or lesser used meds from your formulary, without interrupting production.

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